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Pre Prison Services

At Prison Consultants of America (PCA), we not only do everything possible to avoid/reduce prison terms before sentencing and to help you shorten them through various programs offered at particular prison facilities, we also help our clients prepare themselves (physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially) for the time they do spend in federal or state prison.

Preparing You for Prison

No matter which prison you are assigned to, every prison facility is a dangerous and frightening place to be. While some are more dangerous than others, it is always advisable to receive expert advice on how to survive and "make the most of" your time behind bars.

Our pre-prison services place us in the role of a kind of a "prison coach" so we can minimize the initial shock and trauma of incarceration and give you the knowledge you will need going forward. While we specialize in high-profile, "celebrity," and white collar inmates in regard to our pre-prison services, they are available to any client who wishes to avail him or her self of them.

Our staff will inform you of the details of prison protocols that apply to your particular facility and in how to show proper subordination to prison guards. We will also go over with you the unofficial "rules of conduct" that you need to follow to keep safe in your interactions with other inmates. For example, it is breaking "prison etiquette" to join in a conversation without being expressly invited, and you should never pose a "personal question" without first receiving the proper "cue."

Some of the areas we can keep you well informed about during you time in prison include:

  • Navigating the prison orientation program
  • Prison visitation rules
  • Protocols for sending out or receiving mail/packages
  • Financial matters, including "allowances"
  • Medical matters, including immunizations
  • Commissary rules
  • What becomes of your personal possessions
  • What qualifies as "contraband"
  • UNICOR employment rules
  • Prison disciplinary action and reporting incidents
  • "Regular" and emergency furlough
  • How to apply for a transfer, including foreign transfers
  • Protocols at SHUs (special housing units)
  • Protocols at CCCs (community custody centers)
  • Protocols at ICCs (intensive confinement centers)
  • How to enroll in an RDAP (residential drug treatment program)

Preparing Your Family

There is an old saying that an inmate's family "goes to prison with him/her." And in many ways, families of inmates suffer as much as do the inmates during incarceration periods. Thus, we at Prison Consultants of America also provide support to our clients' families.

Families will need to know the facility visitation rules, how to send mail to their imprisoned loved one, and how to send money to his/her prison account. They may also want to be informed/involved concerning applying for transfers or in dealing with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Thus, at minimum, family members need to know how to communicate with their loved one in prison and keep themselves informed about all developments.

We assist inmates' families with all of the issues mentioned above and more, but we also counsel them on how to deal with their loved one's imprisonment emotionally and financially. We answer all their questions, address all their concerns, and inform them of everything they need to know about the situation their inmate family member is in.

Prison Consultants of America is dedicated to assisting both inmates and their families with every aspect of dealing with the difficulties arising during the imprisonment. To learn more of for a free initial consultation, do not hesitate to contact us 24/7 at 888-889-0006.

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