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Family Services

Prison Consultants of America (PCA) not only does everything possible to reduce prison terms and help inmates to be placed into a facility with the least harsh/dangerous environment possible, but we also offer full family support services for inmates' families. This is one of the most over-looked aspects of prison consulting, be at PCA, we realize that the impacts of imprisonment on inmates' families can often be extremely trying, and we therefore do all in our power to minimize the stress and confusion.

How do we help families cope with the effects of a loved one's incarceration? First of all, we arrange a face-to-face, "frank and upfront" discussion between the future inmate and his/her family members. A realistic view of how long the prison term could last, what kind of facility it will likely be at, how frequently visitation and communication can take place, what kind of job/income the inmate may be able to secure in prison, and a discreet assessment of the family's financial situation should all be part of this meeting.

Second, we help to dispel the numerous myths and rumors that float about concerning what prison life is really like. Some may think it is something akin to the picture of Alcatraz they have seen in the movies, but most suppose it to be less unpleasant than it actually is. Prison reforms, early release programs, plush prison conditions that make a cell a kind of "mini-apartment," and such like ideas are often cited. Most of these rumors are false, and we try to give a realistic preview of what prison life is like, relying on firsthand experiences as our sources.

Third, we offer families focused counseling to help them cope with the stresses associated with separation form their loved one for (often) years on end, with the financial strains that often occur when an income source (often the main/sole source of income) is suddenly removed, and with the confusion that can result from not understanding complex rules of prison bureaucracies.

Our counselors can meet with individuals or groups as needed and are able to anticipate and empathize with the struggles families will be going through. They may even have gone through many of those same struggles themselves at one point in their life.

Some of the specific family services we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Group and one-on-one counseling
  • In person support networks
  • Online support networks/information
  • Financial planning advice
  • Orientation to how prison systems work
  • Assistance in filing grievances with prison bureaucracies
  • Post-release services
  • Referrals to other important services

To learn more or for a free initial consultation, contact us anytime 24/7 at 888-889-0006.

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