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Post Sentence Services – Designation and RDAP

At Prison Consultants of America (PCA), our services are not limited to pre-sentencing and post-incarceration but we also offer valuable post-sentencing services that can greatly improve the chances of future inmates being assigned to as low security a prison facility as possible.

Prison Placement

Once the sentence has been established, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) will be responsible for designating which prison the future inmate will be incarcerated in. The PSIR (pre-sentencing investigative report), which Prison Consultants of America can assist in preparing during the pre-sentencing stage, will be the primary source of information that the FBOP will rely on in making their determinations.

There are a multitude of factors that may help sway the FBOP in assigning a candidate to a low, medium, or maximum security facility, or to an administrative facility or prison camp. The FBOP is not obligated to follow the sentencing judge's recommendations nor any other "set in stone" regulation but has full discretion in the matter. They do, however, tend to follow certain guidelines and can often be swayed by well presented mitigating factors.

Without any assistance from a skilled prison consultant, the odds of being assigned to a prison with a higher than expected security level or a prison located on the other side of the state or of the nation is significantly increased. There is no guarantee a first-time, nonviolent offender or a "white collar" offender will be place in a prison camp or low security facility. Unfortunately, that scenario is all too common, and many contact us after the fact, when it is too late to avoid at least temporary placement in a highly undesirable facility.

Prison Programs

Besides placement, our post-sentencing advisory services extend to helping inmates shorten their terms via completion of various prison programs. To a degree, placement and programs are intertwined, however, since only certain prisons will offer particular sentence-reducing programs.

PCA staff can educate inmates on how to go about getting accepted into various programs and on which programs are potentially the most beneficial to enroll in. We keep fully up to date on which programs are offered at which facilities and can notify our clients of any changes in a timely manner.

One important FBOP program to seek admission into is called RDAP (Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program). It is advisable to seek admission into RDAP even if you were not convicted on drug-related charges and even if you do not have a drug/alcohol addiction. The program is extremely intense, lasting for 500 hours, but completed RDAP can potentially reduce sentences by a full year.

Another set of programs to look for are various educations, recreational, and vocational programs that can reduce prison time if completed. If placed at a facility with UNICOR job opportunities, you can benefit by gaining job training and extra "allowance funds" while incarcerated, besides any sentence-reduction results that may accrue.

At Prison Consultants of America, we can assist you with the full array of post-sentencing services, including:

  • Help with influencing prison assignment.
  • Help in getting a prison transfer approved.
  • Help in getting into a prison camp or community confinement center.
  • Assistance in obtaining the most favorable inmate classification.
  • Advice on how to enroll in and complete RDAP, UNICOR vocational programs, and a host of other potentially sentence-reducing prison-based programs.

Prison Consultants of America is dedicated to providing expert assistance that can help in being placed in or transferred to the least harsh facility possible. We also can help inmates avail themselves of programs that can reduce the time they spend in prison.

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