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Parole Services

At Prison Consultants of America, our prison consulting services are not limited to inmates currently behind physical bars and walls but also extend into the realm of parole and all parole-related matters. While we can assist our clients with preparing for and fulfilling periods of parole at any point in the process, we do not wait until the last minute to offer our services. Instead, we are there even during pre-sentencing to provide information that might be able to secure a sentence that allows for parole. We also can assist clients in knowing what to expect from parole boards and when to expect an inmate might become eligible for parole.

Misconceptions About Parole

One thing we try to do very early for our inmates and their families is to dispel any myths and misconceptions about parole.

First of all, parole is considered to be a continuation of an assigned prison term even though the prisoner is now allowed to live in the community.

Second, parole is not a "right" but a "privilege," and therefore, the parole board is free to decide whom they feel is/is not a "safe risk" to put back into the community. Sometimes, there is a right to a parole hearing after a specified amount of time spent in prison, but there is not absolute guarantee that even a nonviolent, first-time offender will be let out on parole. There are sometimes bars against parole for violent and repeat offenders, however.

Third, the stated purpose of parole is not compassion nor reducing prison crowding but rehabilitation. If an inmate demonstrates through good behavior while incarcerated, or it is thought based on their personal background and criminal history, that they can be successfully rehabilitated outside of actual prison facilities, they become a good candidate for parole.

Conditions of Parole

Parole can be temporary for some special purpose, but is frequently meant to cover the final portion of a paroled inmate's prison term. Parolees are let out only on condition of good behavior, however. Terms of parole vary greatly from state to state and from offense to offense, but here are some typical terms:

  • No additional crimes can be committed while out on parole, aside from minor traffic violations and other "infractions."
  • No contact can be made with victims of a crime the inmate was convicted for in the past, and often, they must stay a specified distance from past victims.
  • Use of illegal drugs, and sometimes of alcohol, may be prohibited, and attendance at substance abuse classes may be required.
  • The parolee must remain within the county, state, or other specified geographic region.
  • A steady job and permanent residence must be maintained.
  • Parolees must meet regularly with their parole officer and be ready at all times for "surprise inspections."

Our Parole Services

At Prison Consultants of America, we assist inmates and their families with every aspect of making the transition from prison to parole life. We bring to your attention all of the oft-forgotten details that must be addressed for a proper adjustment to take place. 

We both work with our clients to secure early release on parole and walk them through the lifestyle changes, and the relational and financial issues that will arise.

And as any violations of parole conditions can send an inmate back to prison, and may result in additional punishments, PCA helps prepare inmates for parole well in advance. We also help inmates avail themselves of available "transitional services" like halfway houses or mental health counseling

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